I regret preaching about certain things in the past – Duncan Williams confesses

I regret preaching about certain things in the past – Duncan Williams confesses

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams has advised Christians who are still ignorant and repeat their mistakes in the practice of Christianity not to do so.

To educate his Action Chapel International audience on March 13, 2022, Archbishop Duncan-Williams used himself as an example and claimed that there were sermons he had spoken in the past that he would never repeat.

We should not, he advised, for God had favored us in our ignorance by blessing us and favoring us.

You can’t say, ‘Wait a minute, Papa, why are you talking about this?’” His words were a nod to his prior warnings about the practice of reciting repetitive, monosyllabic sounds known as Tongues, which he was attempting to make clear.

In the days of ignorance, God looked the other way, but now that light has come, let us not remain in our ignorance, he stated in Acts 17:30.

God has profited you and rewarded you, but that doesn’t mean we should continue to live in a state of ignorance, he said.

When the speaker said, “Let’s become enlightened,” he meant it as an invitation to improve. “I’m not criticizing you. I mean it as an invitation to improve,” he said. Even if we were ignorant at the time, we all made mistakes and accepted them as facts.”

In the past, if we touched someone and they didn’t fall, we thought they were possessed. ‘Can you believe that?’ he asked the church.

In response, he claimed “people even would fall by force because if they don’t fall, they’ll be a suspect. That’s why people were falling all over the place right before you reached out to touch them and they weren’t being delivered or cured. Anointing fell from the sky. A person has been delivered if and only if he or she falls more than is necessary.

You don’t have to fall because “He [God] sent out His Word and saved them from their devastation and healed them,” he said.

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