I Have Never Seen A Musician So Underrated And Underappreciated By Ghanaian's Than Sista Afia - Issac Kyei Ando Writes

I Have Never Seen A Musician So Underrated And Underappreciated By Ghanaian’s Than Sista Afia – Issac Kyei Ando Writes

Ghanaian journalist and social media commentator, Issac Kyei Ando has written an appreciation message to Ghanaians to thank them for how far they have brought Francisca Gawuga (Duncan Williams), popularly known as Sista Afia and her career.

Sista Afia is a Ghanaian singer who gained recognition in the year 2015 after she released her first single ”Krokro no” ft Bisa Kdei. She has won couple of awards.

”How many musicians in the history of Ghana had a sustained 7 years career of churning out hits after hits on yearly basis and yet got treated as though artistswaiting for their breakthrough. Name that person, I’m not saying there has never been one, I cannot readily pinpoint any except for Sista Afia . I believe it’s about time we start recognising this lady as one of the best in the business right now, perhaps the best female singer now or to be charitable, one of our top three. She has been around enough to such recognition as an established act and earns the respect that comes with it.

I have never seen a musician so underrated, so underappreciated and so undercelebrated despite having done this much. This post is to appreciate her talent, the quality of songs she churns out and the fact that she has kept going despite the contempt she had had to endure. I won’t totally blame the Ghanaian people, the brand was poorly positioned from the onset that it shifted the focus from her talent to her body, it looked like she is in like one of the many spoilt Ghanaian kids raised abroad who pretend to be musicians just so they catch some fame.

We cannot also look beyond the several controversies she needless embroiled on herself. But it’s time to move on, the person Sista Afia has improved and matured, she has managed to stay away from negative press and focus on her craft. It’s time to give her her due, she has earned this. Talents need to be supported so that they are challenged to do more.

Her latest song ”Asuoden” is my song of the year so far. I will do a breakdown of that song later, for now, it’s about we overlook the body of Sista Afia and focus on the enormous talent she has. She had earned this”, Kyei Ando writes.

Check out Sista Afia’s ”Asuoden” ft Kuame Eugene below: