I Expected Evan. Diana Asamoah To Feel Remorseful, But She Accepted The Letter Of Termination — Frimprince

I Expected Evan. Diana Asamoah To Feel Remorseful, But She Accepted The Letter Of Termination.— Frimprince

A letter of termination from Mr. Anane Frimpong, owner of Frimprince Music Production, sent to Evangelist Diana Asamoah, was posted on social media on September 14, 2022.

Frimprince Songs Production, which was in charge of creating and promoting Ms. Asamoah’s music, terminated her contract as a result of “many violations,” according to a letter dated August 4, 222.

According to the letter, Evan Asamoah will no longer be able to use her official Facebook profile, she will be forbidden from using any corporate logos, and she will also be forbidden from hiring Mr. Anane Frimpong as her executive producer.

As a result of the rumors, Evangelist Diana Asamoah replied to the letter and agreed to the terms of her dismissal.

In an odd turn of events, Mr. Anane Frimpong said that his letter to Evangelist Diana Asamoah was simply a warning for her to change her ways in an interview with Ike de Unpredictable on “Angel Drive.”

But Evangelist Diana Asamoah swiftly accepted the stipulations and ended their 22-year collaboration.

“I served her with the letter on the 4th of August and was expecting that she would have some kind of remorse or maybe something good will come out. I gave her three weeks and after three weeks, she responded very nicely and thanked me and sent me a copy,” Frimprince stated.

In the year 2000, the evangelist Diana Asamoah and Frimprince Music Production began doing business together.

Until the end of their journey in August 2022, the two parties have gotten along well.

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