Hushpuppi Now Lacks A Nation To Call His Home

Hushpuppi Now Lacks A Nation To Call His Home

The Caribbean nation that granted citizenship to the imprisoned Nigerian scammer Hushpuppi, whose actual name is Ramon Abbas, has withdrawn it. This has put him in a difficult situation. He now lacks a nation to call home.

Few days after moving to Dubai, Hushpuppi made a video in which he burned his Nigerian passport and other papers, and it would be well-remembered.

Investigative journalist Dr. Kemi Olunloyo tweeted that Hushupuppi’s citizenship had been revoked by the Caribbean as a result of his alleged involvement in large-scale financial scams against individuals and institutions.

Dr. Kemi Olunloyo asserts that the Hushpuppi Judge Otis Wright’s deportation location will be decided by the judge hearing his case because Judge Wright rejected his country Nigeria.

 “Now it’s up to Judge Otis Wright to determine whether he will be DEPORTED to Nigeria after he serves his sentence. Hushpuppi via his lawyer Shapiro has appealed to the court to let him file asylum cos Abba Kyari operates a death squad he says and he and his family will be killed”.

“Hushpuppi burned his Nigerian passport on Instagram live and denounced Nigeria when he purchased his investment passport for $150,000 which is now revoked. Hushpuppi could well be stateless”, she said.

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