How To Give Her Orgasm: A Simple Guide To A Difficult Subject For Men

How To Give Her Orgasm: A Simple Guide To A Difficult Subject For Men

How to give her orgasm is the question? You want to make your female partner happy during sex, so your question is “how to make a girl orgasm.”

Congratulations, you’ve just fallen down a rabbit hole of female orgasm knowledge on how to give her orgasm.

Some of what you read on other blogs on how to give her orgasm may be true, but the majority of what you come across will be fiction.

It’s no surprise that guys are bumbling and fumbling in the bedroom as how to give her orgasm, desperately trying to get it right but having no luck.

In fact, studies show that only 6% of women always have an orgasm during sex, and the numbers appear to be declining since 1999.

Blame it on an overload of internet information, pornography, or whatever you want.

The truth is, if you really want to know how to give her orgasm, you have to put your ego aside, accept that there may be more to learn than “educational” porn clips, and settle in for an informative experience—don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

How to Give Her Orgasms

  • Try a Delay Spray to Last Longer

Premature ejaculation affects one in every three men, and some men deal with it on a regular basis.

The problem is that women take longer than men to reach orgasm, so premature ejaculation issues can make it even more difficult to assist her in crossing the threshold after you’ve already finished.

If you consistently reach your climax point and the refractory period before she reaches the big bang, it might be a good idea to apply a delay spray to help you stay in bed longer.

A female’s average climax lasts more than 13 minutes.

Promescent Delay Spray for Men, for example, is sprayed on the most sensitive parts of your penis just before sex to help you slow down the process just enough to put you on an equal footing with your female partner.

  • Learn How to Be Better at Foreplay

Women are more likely to require a little encouragement before their bodies begin to respond, so foreplay is a huge factor in delivering better orgasms, and possibly even delivering orgasms at all.

A female’s warm-up phase is known as foreplay.
This warm-up period increases anticipation, increases blood flow to her lady parts, and stimulates natural lubrication.

Furthermore, there is a direct relationship between foreplay and the intensity or satisfaction of her orgasm.

So, unless she appears to be looking for a fight in the heat of the moment, don’t pass it up.

Foreplay tips for men to use on a woman are plentiful, and even a few tricks can make a significant difference in her ability to climax either before or during intercourse.

The top three foreplay tips to remember:

  1. Don’t rush it, and don’t act as if it’s just a chore you have to perform. Allow her to see that you enjoy the process as much as she does.
  2. Begin foreplay outside of the bedroom by emotionally and mentally stimulating her. Tell her how sexy she is, whisper something seductive in her ear, do something to relieve her stress.
  3. Begin slowly and gently. Don’t just throw your fingers in the air and expect her to respond. Caress, rub, massage, and kiss her.
  • Mind Your Exercise and Diet

Yes, truly.

However, if you really want to give her a better orgasm, getting in shape and increasing your stamina can be a HUGE help.
Here are some ideas to explain why:

  1. You overate on pizza and beer and went to bed with a bloated stomach, making it difficult to grind against her clitoris during penetration.
  2. You’ve been slacking in the workout/diet department, gaining weight and losing strength. She wants to try a new position to aid her orgasm, but you’re too out of shape to comply.
  3. You’ve been on a caffeine and junk food diet for weeks. She takes a long time to reach orgasm, and you simply don’t have the stamina to get her there.
  • Get the Conversation Started and Keep On Talking

Speaking about sex may not come naturally to everyone, but the more you can talk, exchange ideas, and give direction in the bedroom, the better equipped you both will be to please each other.

It doesn’t hurt to ask her what she likes, what drives her crazy, and even how she gets herself off when playing solo.

You might be surprised at what you discover and how you’ve been doing it all wrong.

Once you’ve begun discussing how to give her an orgasm, keep the lines of communication open even after you’ve entered the bedroom.

Don’t be scared to:

  1. Inquire if she enjoys it when you rub her this way.
  2. Inquire if you’re hitting her G-spot.
  3. Ask her if she wants a new position to help her finish

All of this sexy talk isn’t just for advice; it can also be a highly arousing exchange for both of you.

Ladies frequently use vibrators and other sex toys for solo play, but there’s nothing wrong with incorporating them into the equation when you’re just the two of you.

Consider getting some toys if she’s having trouble getting there with just your stimulation (or if you just want to have fun).

  • Don’t Shy Away from Sex Toys

The sex toy selection available these days is quite impressive.

Wands designed to hit the G-spot directly, strap-in-place vibrators for continuous clitoral stimulation, and even cock rings with fancy protruding ticklers on top that wiggle and gyrate for her C-spot—the list goes on and on.

Make a game out of picking out a toy that both of you want to try and giving it a shot.
You might discover completely new ways to cause afemale orgasmin the process.

  • Pick the Sexual Positions Most Apt to Encourage Orgasm

If you want to make her orgasm in a specific way, taking advantage of certain positions can be extremely beneficial.
Check out our guide to sex positions that will help you last longer.

As an example:

  1. Missionary (you on top), can be good for clitoral orgasms. Because you can grind right against her clitoral area.
  2. Cowgirl (her on top) can be great for G-spot orgasms but also allows her to control pressure on her clitoral area for orgasmic control there too
  3. Rear-Entry (doggy style) can be an awesome way to hit her G-spot

  • Use Lube for Frictionless Pleasure

When a female is aroused, her body produces natural lube, which she can produce in large quantities most of the time.

This lube keeps her vaginal opening and clitoris moist, reducing friction during play and intercourse, allowing her to enjoy stimulation more and achieve orgasm more easily.

It is perfectly normal for the amount of natural lube for females to be deficient at times, so you may require a little assistance to deter friction.

Choose a high-quality lube, such as this premium organic lube from Promescent, which is pH-balanced and condom-safe.