Glitz Galleria “Entrepreneurship Made Easy” Maiden Edition Slated To 7th Nov

Entrepreneurship is a very crucial element in the life cycle of humanity which cannot be left out as a tool in career development. One of Ghana’s fast-rising beauty hub, Glitz Galleria seeks to frontline a swift and rapid growth in entrepreneurship.

With the massive revolution in the world of commerce in Ghana & beyond, most artisans find it difficult to adapt to the current system. Glitz Galleria unveils their first edition of an entrepreneurship seminar for all entrepreneurs and passionate artisans across the nation. The initiative also serves as a beam of hope for each and every visionary entrepreneur.

With her rich experience gained all over the years in her field of work, she intends to channel all these expertise into this seminar. She is on a mission to impact , inspire and motivate aspiring entrepreneurs using her experience coupled with other excelling entrepreneurs to coach the upcoming ones. She is also a facilitator and educator who has trained over 40 students in the beauty industry in the past two years .

“Dare to dream, Dare to achieve” denotes the theme of this maiden edition. This theme serves as a symbolic meaning of what Glitz Galleria has in store for all participants of this edition. The them also serves as a beam if hope for each and every visionary entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship made easy is targeted at inspiring, motivating and encouraging all artisans and aspiring entrepreneurs who have low sense of self-belief in whatever field of work they find themselves in.

This great seminar is an insightful one which is expected to create an impact in the nation and among all entrepreneurs from different fields across the nation.

The nature of the seminar also involves provision of current knowledge, critical thinking and analysis in relation to marketing, promotions, and advertising in the world of entrepreneurship.

This is to increase and enrich the confidence plus skills of all artisans and aspiring entrepreneurs. UDS Guest House, adjacent police headquarters, Osu happens to be the venue of the event. It is slated between 7th to 8th November,2022 9:30 AM each day.

In the quest for posterity, Mrs Albertha Bossman and her able team intends to initiate a huge network which will bind all of these participants together.

The aim of that particular network is to support each other to win in their respective fields of work, they also aim to create life changing , high values experiences driven by the passion to make impact in the lives of women. Some other special guests/speakers include media personality; Maxbel Coleman and Afua Asantewaa Aduonom, the CEO of Askof Productions.

Registration for this seminar is absolutely free WhatsApp: 0208663509 / 0543073001 to book your slot now.



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