‘Ghanaians Don’t Like Listening To Albums’ – Yaw Tog Reveals

‘Ghanaians Don’t Like Listening To Albums’ – Yaw Tog Reveals

Kumerican based artiste, Yaw Tog has revealed the secret to making a global hit. By employing words of affirmation and bravery, Yaw Tog says you can create a banger. Music is spiritual. In a way, I know the song will be a hit. Yaw Tog to Zionfelix: “When you have the courage to say this music will blow, it is done.”

Ghanaians don’t enjoy EPs and albums, he said when asked why his other songs don’t chart like “Sore.” They prefer solos. Many countries provided me with numbers including the UK and Nigeria”, says Yaw Tog.

Despite what some entertainment experts predicted about his career, Yaw Tog is still breaking new ground in music.

“Everything is wonderful. Working. I’ve been working on an EP. So I’m working in the studio. Every year, I aim to release an EP. It’s also a business. I’m getting Nigerian data. Like it since it was planned and I got it. So long as the math makes sense, I’ll keep dropping. I’m not rich yet, but I’m improving.

“I feel like others my age haven’t reached God’s level. I praise God every day. Then Yaw Tog added, “We wouldn’t exist without him.”

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