Ghana Is Too Expensive; An Item In The US Costs Twice As Much As It Does Here – Michael Blankson Sobs

Ghana Is Too Expensive; An Item In The US Costs Twice As Much As It Does Here – Michael Blankson Sobs

Michael Blackson, an American-Ghanaian actor, has lamented the high cost of living in Ghana.

According to him, prices in Ghana are exorbitant when compared to other countries such as the United States.

Michael Blackson bemoaned the pricing culture in Ghana, where items are outrageously priced for profit, in a tweet.

He revealed that when he tried to buy an appliance in Ghana, he discovered that the prices were higher than in the United States.

C’mon Ghana why are things so damn expensive? I just tried to buy furniture and appliances and they are over twice the price of what they cost me in the U.S,” Michael Blackson wrote.

@AnnanPerry wrote: Do you know of the economic management team of Ghana led by Bawumia? They are the cause and careless too

@Dzid3fo wrote: Please it’s because of the Russia/Ukraine war and the spread of monkeypox,that’s why the prices are going up like that.

@ike wrote: You should bargain,I don’t know some of do that. The moment they hear your accent,they want to price the products twice or thrice the original price. I always tell traders to stop that. They’re killing the local market..

@rhodao wrote: They will tell that you’re not the target market. I’m visiting this year only because of my nana’s passing but I dont think I’ll step foot there for a couple years. It’s not worth it. Not when places like Gambia, Tanzania, and Jamaica exist for cheaper.

To put things into perspective, Accra is one of Ghana’s most expensive cities to live in.
According to available data, the cost of living in Ghana is higher than in several major global cities.

Ghanaians’ taxes, levies, and pricing culture all contribute to the high prices for goods and services.
A standard hotel room in Accra may cost an arm and a leg more than a comparable hotel in Nairobi or Johannesburg.

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