Funny Face Renders Apology To Bola Ray, Fada Dickson And Adebayor

Funny Face Renders Apology To Bola Ray, Fada Dickson And Adebayor

Ghanaian comedian, Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng popularly known as Funny Face has apologized to his former manager Bola Ray after using vulgar speech to disrespect him on social media.

Funny face as we all know is suffering from a bipolar disorder which makes him put out some misconduct on the social media which has hurt people that gave him opportunity in life of which some misconducts have landed him in police custody.

With reference to a video he put on social media some time ago, funny face disrespected people who are considered as his fathers in his current life. He insulted Bola Ray his former Manager at Star Fm, his benevolent friend Emmanuel Adebayor and the Managing Director of Despite Media Fadda Dickson of which he got rebuttals from other industry players like Afia Schwarzenegger.

This afternoon, Funny face posted a picture on his instagram page indicating he has gained the forgiveness of his former boss Bola Ray as he posed innocently in a picture with him and his current manager Genesis.

” met with Bola Ray this afternoon with my manager genesis to apologize to him personally for the disrespect I showed towards him during my trauma. To E. Adebayor and Fadda Dickson please find a place in your heart to forgive me, am really sorry. Coming to you all personally”, He said.

Bola Ray has forgiven him and he is anticipating to meet Adebayor and Fadda Dickson to apologize to them personally to restore the seemingly marred relationship due to his disrespect which emanated from his mental condition.