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Enjoy 40% Of Whatever You Invest In Promoting Your Songs On Digital Platforms As Revenue-Vasco The Blogger

In a successful interview with the African & Ghanaian award winning digital marketer and blogger VASCO THE BLOGGER on Homebase Tv Ghana as Zeal The Great hosts.

Being a great and amazing digital marketer and blogger , Vasco The Blogger explained that Musicians and other content owners should know that the digital stores which got our works to the global world help us to show case our talents to the World and also pay us through our streams and views on our content . As a Musician understanding the first step that’s MUSIC / CRAFT DISTRIBUTION is key and helps your brand as well . Every Musician should first distribute his songs on all digital stores and then move on to promote them as well . Songs or Contents gets to consumers after distribution and promotions .

Promoting your songs on all digital stores helps you to get enough recognition as your songs gets massive plays and get featured in playlists and top charts as other radios and Tv air it as well .

Vasco then again schooled musicians on getting revenue from what they have invested as promotion and pushing their contents to hit the world market , he said Artist gains 40% of whatever he or she invests in the digital promotions as revenue as song or contents hit more streams on the digital stores . As Apple Music store pay $10,000 if Artist promotes his craft or Omg to reach 1 Million Streams .

He then again said digital distribution and promotions are not difficult it’s all of understanding the structures of promoting your contents.

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