Eagle Prophet Drops A Lethal Prophesy About Abena Korkor

Eagle Prophet Drops A Lethal Prophesy About Abena Korkor

Ghanaian clergyman, Eagle Prophet, has become the first and only man of God to issue a doom prophesy regarding bipolar Abena Korkor, who has no positive trend on the internet.

Eagle Prophet claimed clearly in an interview that the devil has seized Abena Korkor and that she need severe deliverance from a great man of God.

In an interview, Eagle Prophet also predicted that Abena Korkor will take her own life by suicide.

Eagle Prophet also urged Ghanaians not to abandon Abena Korkor in these tough times, citing how she has been trending on the internet recently as evidence.

Abena Korkor is a blazing star, according to Eagle Prophet, and it is the devil’s effort to keep her vast and powerful destiny from manifesting.

Last week, Abena Korkor’s alleged insanity pierced the rooftops as she posted her own naked films on the internet.

Ghanaians scolded her harshly, and some social media users even advocated for her imprisonment for encouraging nudity on the internet.

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Nana Abena Korkor Addo is a Ghanaian media personality and mental health advocate who rose to prominence after leaking her own nude fotages online during her university days.

She came out to openly admit that she was the one who leaked the x-rated photographs on the internet after the naked videos became viral.

She is well-known for posting x-rated material on her social media profile

Abena Korkor broke into the mainstream media when she signed a deal with Media General, the parent company of TV3, to co-host Ladies Circle.

Her years of dedication and effort in the media have paid off handsomely, with national and worldwide recognition.

She was dismissed, unfortunately, after posting a few pornographic images and pictures of herself in lingerie on her social media profiles.

She came out after the story of her firing went viral to say that she had been pulled off the air and promised to be reinstated, but she has yet to be called back.

She is a brand ambassador for certain lingerie firms in addition to being a TV presenter and health advocate.

Abena Korkor has been the subject of a lot of bad press for quite some time.
She frequently comes out to name all the major guys in the country who had previously been her panties.

She also had a wild dispute with Kwame A Plus, a well-known Ghanaian political figure.

She also attacked Casford Hall while at UCC to dance practically naked while fighting for an SRC post.

She has admitted to having several sexual relations with various guys on numerous times, but she declared in an interview with Zionfelix some few days ago that she has a partner but they are in a complicated situation.