Drake Contributes $100 Million To Reviving The 1987 Luna Luna Art Carnival

Drake Contributes $100 Million To Reviving The 1987 Luna Luna Art Carnival

For the amusement park, which was only open for three months in 1987, the biggest names in the art world were commissioned to produce distinctive installations.

Drake has promised to donate $100 million (£84 million) of his riches to help revive the Luna Luna Art Carnival. The art carnival featured Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, and David Hockney’s pieces in 1987.

From 4 June to 31 August 1987, the open-air museum and amusement park Luna Luna was accessible to the public in Hamburg, Germany.

32 artists worked with Austrian artist André Heller to produce colorful and distinctive sculptures and installations for the project.

Drawings by Jean-Michel Basquiat were used to build a Ferris wheel, and drawings by Keith Haring were used to paint a carousel.

On a makeshift pavilion structure, British artist Hockney created an installation of an enchanted forest.

After a successful summer in Hamburg, the amusement park was scheduled to travel around Europe, but it was forced to close because of ownership disputes and related legal actions.

Although Luna Luna was still plagued by legal problems, Heller eventually sold it for $6 million (£5 million) to the Stephen and Mary Birch Foundation in 1990.

Drake Contributes $100 Million To Reviving The 1987 Luna Luna Art Carnival

Before Drake and his arts and entertainment business DreamCrew got involved, the installations were kept locked up in a Texas park for 15 years.

The rapper, whose real name is Aubrey Drake Graham, and creative director Michael Goldberg have now decided to restore the artworks in the park, form a team to curate the pieces and get ready for a worldwide tour.

In a statement, Drake continued, “When I first learned about Luna Luna, I was blown away. “It’s a really amazing and different way to experience art. This is a significant concept and chance that centers on what we enjoy doing most: bringing people together.”

Luna Luna is scheduled to debut in Los Angeles in late 2023, followed by a North American and ultimately a global tour, and a documentary about the restoration is presently under production.

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