DeuxMoi: The growth of an anonymous Instagram user with 1.7 million followers who shares celebrity rumors

DeuxMoi: The growth of an anonymous Instagram user with 1.7 million followers who shares celebrity rumors

Do you want to know which celebrities are dating whom? Who will supposedly perform at Glastonbury, and who will play the new James Bond? Or simply, which famous people in a restaurant are more likely to leave a sizable tip? You may find out by visiting DeuxMoi, an anonymous Instagram account with 1.7 million followers.

A statement was posted on a long-dormant account on March 21, 2020, by the unidentified lady behind the Instagram account DeuxMoi.

“Ok, better than… my fantastic & intriguing remark… DM me any famous anecdotes (first or second hand) you are willing to give,” the message said. It didn’t take long for the feedback to start flowing in, the interactions to be shared, and the number of followers to mount.

DeuxMoi is a popular social media platform that people turn to for pop culture news. It posts celebrity sightings, casting news, behind-the-scenes tales, anecdotes, and rumors from insiders, as well as information on who tips well at restaurants and who doesn’t. (Tipping is a popular subject, notably the disparity between UK and US stars.)

Only regulated to occasionally delete a name or other identifying information if the sender does not wish to be identified, followers submit their experiences and inside information, and DeuxMoi reposts their stories. These are referred to as “blinds,” which force followers to conduct their own investigations.

The anonymous lady who runs the account claims in an interview with Sky News that the majority of her content is harmless and doesn’t claim to be factual or authoritative, but “In actuality, the viewer is traveling the same path I am to learn the veracity of a rumor. We are all on the same team “.

She makes it clear, according to DeuxMoi, that she is neither a journalist nor an insider in Hollywood. The bio describes them as “curators of pop culture.” “On this account, several claims have not been independently verified. This account makes no claims as to the veracity of the material presented.”

DeuxMoi: The growth of an anonymous Instagram user with 1.7 million followers who shares celebrity rumors

Many of the followers, however, are not. Many people are willing to leak the beans, including publicists, aides, nannies, record label employees, TV runners, restaurant staff, and even famous people themselves. Due to this, DeuxMoi broke various significant celebrity stories first, including the romance between Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles and the split between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Some celebrities are naturally not fans, while some can’t get enough. Cardi B and Chrissy Teigen are among the account’s followers, Kim Kardashian allegedly referred to Deux as “the Bible,” and Drew Barrymore recently featured Deux in an episode of her podcast, Drew’s News.

Products are now available. the podcast. Anon Pls, a recently published book, refers to everyone who submitted a titbit’s desire to keep their identity anonymous. And an HBO drama is reportedly in the works.

More than only rumors?

DeuxMoi: The growth of an anonymous Instagram user with 1.7 million followers who shares celebrity rumors

There is a clear case against spreading false information in public. DeuxMoi seems to have filled the void left by many celebrity gossip publications of the 2000s when they scaled back, but with 1.7 million followers and growing, there is certainly a need for it.

Most have little stakes. The “blinds” are for the less compelling information. The allure seems to be that this is unfiltered in an age where the wealthy and famous have virtually perfect control over the stuff they post on social media. According to DeuxMoi, the account is not only about rumors. Growing during the epidemic, when people were confined to their homes, she claims, it sparked connectedness.

Regarding her conversation with Barrymore and the A-admiration lister of the website, she claims that “Drew, she recognized, like, the humanistic aspect to it” (she is also among its followers).

“People sent in tales from five, ten, and twenty years ago when everything was shut down and in quarantine; it was almost like a study in human interaction at the time. For instance, how particular superstars might act or engage with their followers at certain stages of their careers. Because I believe it to be more than simply a gossip tale, I was relieved to see that Drew was aware of that side of the story.”

DeuxMoi claims that it doesn’t matter who she is, despite the fact that names have been reported in the US and there has been much conjecture regarding her identity. “It isn’t a significant element, in my opinion. This post is not about me.”

She claims that I’m hearing the genuine DeuxMoi because we know that she is from New York and that she doesn’t use any tools to change the sound of her voice. Her identity is known to a total of roughly 20 intimate friends and family members. She first ran DeuxMoi while maintaining a job and experienced continual “anxiety” over the possibility of being discovered. DeuxMoi is the job right now.

Even though she chooses to go unnamed, most famous people are undoubtedly familiar with DeuxMoi. Adele made light of the challenges of dating in an interview with Rolling Stone prior to the release of her fourth album in November 2021. “You can’t f* set me up on a blind date! How is it going to work, I ask? Someone will call DeuxMoi, or whatever it’s f* called, and there will be photographers outside! It won’t take place.”

Rumor has said that Rihanna will perform at Glastonbury and be the next Bond

Recently, the account commented about two rumors: Aaron Taylor-Johnson being cast as the new James Bond, and Rihanna said to be headlining Glastonbury.

She starts by addressing Rihanna: “She has new songs, and she’s performing at the Super Bowl, but I want it on the record that I don’t know how trustworthy that information is. Her name has been mentioned in connection with Coachella. Someone who replied stated she was almost ready to confirm. To temper everyone’s expectations, I’d want to clarify that I don’t know how trustworthy that information is.”

She feels more assured about British actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, a star of Marvel. “Someone sent me a message yesterday with some information, but I can’t tell you who it is since it would definitely identify them. However, he is really being considered, if not already selected.”

“Someone I’ve been communicating with for years and they’ve provided me information on items in the past,” she claims, “gave me information about Bond.” “The knowledge about Glastonbury came out of nowhere from someone I don’t really know.” She distinguishes between “anything from being dependable to not very reliable” or from being intentionally reliable in this way.

DeuxMoi: The growth of an anonymous Instagram user with 1.7 million followers who shares celebrity rumors

Following their breakup, Styles and Wilde have been mentioned more frequently in her emails. People believe that they have faked a breakup, she claims. There is interest in it, then.

She now has a number of individuals she regards as reliable information sources as the account has developed. “I won’t say how many, but there are a few people I openly trust,” the speaker said.

Surely there must be a sense of duty with 1.7 million followers? She claims that there are some topics and famous people about whom she won’t divulge information. “I prefer not to write about someone’s sexual orientation unless it has been openly stated. and anything involving anyone who is less than 18 years old. Additionally, I really wouldn’t feel at ease blogging about topics related to rehab.”

She claims that she also shares material that might have legal repercussions, although occasionally she would send the information to journalists for further investigation. Additionally, she claims that posts about five specific celebrities won’t be included in DeuxMoi since three of them have had private chats with her and two have publicly expressed their sentiments.

However, celebrities and companies are interested in partnering with DeuxMoi because of the reputation she has established and the invitations she has received to a variety of elite events. She asserts that she rejects it. I’ve eaten in places frequented by celebs in New York that I frequently tweet about, and I’ve sat near celebrities that I DM (direct message) with, and it didn’t make me feel good.

celebrities who made the DeuxMoi lovely list

DeuxMoi: The growth of an anonymous Instagram user with 1.7 million followers who shares celebrity rumors

There is now a TV program to be ready for with the publication of Anon Pls, a novel based on the tale of DeuxMoi that combined stories of fake celebrities with those of actual ones. Greg Berlanti [The Flight Attendant, Batwoman, Free Guy, Dawson’s Creek] is producing it, she claims. “They are now hiring authors, but I can’t reveal who was mentioned to me since it hasn’t been completely signed, sealed, and delivered. But it’s fun and awesome.”

Which celebrities are the good ones? DeuxMoi asks as she wraps off the conversation with everyone who works in the entertainment business. She rolls off a list of names, once more emphasizing that they are not based on her personal experiences but rather on reliable information: Paris Hilton, Hugh Jackman, Mark Ruffalo, Julianne Moore, Drew Barrymore, I’m not sure whether this one would stir up any controversy, but Will Smith was always a subject of rumors because he always [seemed] to be so genuinely kind to everyone he met.

“Tom Cruise is another somebody who carries himself in that same way and with great professionalism. Harry Styles, of course, is another. Those are the ones that I believe are notable. The name Colin Farrell is one that is frequently mentioned. Oh, also Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint. The Harry Potter kids are wonderful, always. The Jonas Brothers are also.”

But, she continues, you have to take it into account “Is it a red carpet event? What kind of setting? Like, it seems sensible that a famous person would be polite at a red carpet-event!”

And DeuxMoi avoids naming names while speaking about unsavory characters. “I haven’t interacted with these folks personally. Do you understand what I mean when I say someone may have caught them on a bad day? All of us are human, right?”

You must read the posts and make your own judgments.

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