Come Together And Create A Big Brand - A Plus Advices Black Sherif And Management

Come Together And Create A Big Brand – A Plus Advices Black Sherif And Management

Out spoken Ghanaian musician, Kwame Asare Obeng, popularly know as A Plus has advised Black Sherif and his management to trash their differences and come together to create a solid brand.

Couple of weeks ago, you read from our site that, sensational trap singer, Black was allegedly accused of signing a deal with Empire behind his management. This has been the talk of town and almost all the industry commentators has spoken about it.

On United Showbiz, Kwame A Plus said, he feels there is a bridge between the people who helped Black Sherif to the level he is now and the investor who came on board some few months ago.

“So what i have seen is Sherif, before he became Sherif he had some people around him and they helped him, they weren’t just friends but friends who believed in him, they dawg the bigger picture so when they go to a point they needed someone who has the money so somebody brought the money. Now from what i discussed with Fred, what i see is that there is this bridge the one who brought the money and the boys around and that’s where the issue is. They feel they have control over Sherif and the investor has also outing in money so he also want it in a certain direction”, A Plus said.

He continued to urge them to come together to form a big brand.

“One thing in this world is that, where there’s money, there’s no noise, so anytime you are making money you have to be patient. Both of them have a big product (Black Sherif) and so i think they should look at the bigger picture, I think both of them wants good for Sherif, I think if Sherif becomes big it will help both of them and so it is very important they come together and find a common ground”, he added.

A Plus then said “the boys around Sherif should understand the difference between running something as boys boys and running something professionally. I appreciate everything they have done and I think Sherif needs them around him, however at this point they should be able to put the business first and then their friendship and everything that they have done second.”

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Source: Utv Ghana