Checkout Newly Developed Social Media App ‘Stayplain’ Designed By A Ghanaian

Stayplain is an ultra-modern social media platform created by a young Ghainain to help connect people and build networks in and around the world.

Date Launched:

The new Social Media App was launched on the 1st of January 2022, The app users access their favorite social media networks from the comfort of their homes.

How it works:

The app helps you share text messages, photos, videos, audios, polls, advertisements, and more.
Stayplain also gives you the oppotunity to write and share articles, it provide otptions for people to follow users. It is convinient and easy to be accessed.

The interface is slick and modern, it helps you personalize your notifications.

How to get the App:

To access the Stayplain social media app, you need to download app from google play store or the apple store(IOS).

Or click the links below:

Android version:

Apple version: