CEO Of Grammy Awards, Harvey Mason Visits Ghana

CEO Of Grammy Awards, Harvey Mason Visits Ghana

Executive Director of the Grammy Awards, Harvey Mason is currently in Ghana.

Mr. Mason anticipates seeing representatives from the industry, such as producers, artists, and promoters, during his tour. Likewise, evaluate the music scene in Ghana.

It has become vital for the Grammy Awards to start paying much more attention to the artists who have been doing pretty well in recent years as the spotlight shines on various Ghanaian performers.

Ghanaians now have greater motivation to think that their nation has what it takes to win the after the highlight of the Global Citizen Festival. Participate at the Grammy Awards or events on larger stages around the world.

Harvey Mason’s visit to Ghana and the events there should offer Ghanaian entertainment players cause for optimism about winning a significant prize in the near future.

Harvey Mason, the president and CEO of the Grammy Awards, will attend the GUBA Awards on Thursday.

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