Cathedral it isn't Ghana's Major Problem - Michael Blankson

Cathedral it isn’t Ghana’s Major Problem – Michael Blankson

In a recent interview with Ghana’s Doreen Avio of JoyNews, Michael Blankson stated unequivocally that a Cathedral is not one of Ghana’s major problems.

The American comedian of Ghanaian ancestry supported his position by stating that problems abound in Ghana that he has personally encountered since moving to the country, and a cathedral is unquestionably one of them.

For instance, he said;

“I went to buy gas [fuel] today, I live in California and it’s just the same price in Ghana. Why is gas the same price in California as it is in Ghana? It makes no sense. The average income in California is probably $250,000 a year.

Ghana’s average monthly income is around $150.
We have more pressing issues than a cathedral.
“How will the Uber driver make money if gas prices are so high?”

In a similar vein, Blankson recently complained bitterly about the country’s current hardship in a Twitter post.

The renowned comedian, who has been in Ghana for some time, stated that things are much more expensive in Ghana than in America.

He came to this conclusion after attempting to purchase a set of furniture in Accra and finding the prices quoted to be exorbitant.
Michael commented, saying;

“Why are things so damn expensive in Ghana?”
I just tried to buy furniture and appliances, and they are more than twice the price of what I paid in the United States.”

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