Big Monii Set To Drop His First Musical Album ''Any Given Tuesday''

Big Monii Set To Drop His First Musical Album ”Any Given Tuesday”

The best and supreme of all contents is yet to come from the DBMG camp. Their front liner Big Monii, readies himself seriously to present to the world his first music album. Great rise to prominence and leverage has been the main hallmark of Big Monii in his period as a professional artiste so far.

A very rational and influential conception contributes to the identity of the album; ANY GIVEN TUESDAY.

This particular name caused a stare when the album cover was unveiled online. ANY GIVEN TUESDAY is a well carved collection of the reality of life, denoting the day Tuesday as a very noticeable & important day for Big Monii due to its high relevance to him regarding daily life hustle. It again serves a beam of hope to every believer out there trying to get his or her grind on. Containing a very nice blend of instrumentals complementing quality lyrics, this yet to be dropped album again expresses a worth relating vibe to soothe the ear of everyone. Moreover, ANY GIVEN TUESDAY doubles with lots of surprise acts both local and international. 

The album drops very soon, each and everyone should keep an eye on all social media portals of the DBMG & Big Monii brand for updates;

Facebook: Big Monii

Instagram: @bigmoniidbr