Benkum Senior High School Teachers Involved In Sexual Misconducts

Benkum Senior High School Teachers Involved In Sexual Misconducts

Benkum Senior High School (SHS) in the Eastern Region is supposedly the scene of a sexual scandal involving certain teachers who are alleged to have recorded their extramarital encounters with some of the kids at the school.

The area is tense as a result of the explicit video recordings between a student and one of the teachers that have already leaked.

The tapes were allegedly secretly recorded, and the Akropong Police Command has been informed of the situation.

One of the teachers implicated, an English teacher, had his or her paycheck stopped according to reports that the Akuapem North District and the Eastern Regional Education Office had formed a committee to look into the situation.

Isaac Bannie, one of the professors reportedly implicated, has refuted the allegations.

He said that he was actually the student’s family and not a buddy.

Officials at the Police command and the Office of Education have acknowledged the wrongdoing.

The issue has been verified by the school’s headmaster, Nyarkoh, who also said that an investigation has been launched.

The controversy is alleged to have been apologized for by the English teacher, Emmanuel Darkoh Mensah, to the authorities.

He wrote a letter of regret to the school administration “I acknowledge my cowardice. Yes, my actions were motivated by cowardice. The fact that my income was blocked in this extremely challenging economic climate we are currently experiencing, along with the subsequent loss of my work, made me feel insecure and made me waspish, which led me to behave in that way.”

Mensah wrote: “To me, I felt the girl has destroyed me so I wanted to pay her back but my retaliation has been extreme and even put the name, teachers and even students of the school into disrepute. I pray to God to obliterate every painful indelible memory my action has caused everyone involved in this mess.

“Yes, I’ve allowed myself for a school girl to bring me down and now I accept every aspersion and slur anybody would cast on me, such is life.

“This apology is not to please authorities to help me get my job back, no, because that’s highly impossible but to make everyone know how remorseful I feel about my utterly preposterous action.

“I regret. I regret everything I’ve done, everything. Right now I feel useless, I feel like my life is not worth even a discarded kitchen pot. I’ve erred and therefore beg for forgiveness from the entire staff, especially the teachers involved. I’ve been infantile in my actions and dragged the name of the school into the gutters. The family of Adwoa (not real name) is threatening to kill me, which is, of course, the bitterest punishment because I think even incarceration isn’t enough for me, death is.

“And to the headmaster, Mr. Nyarkoh, I’m deeply sorry for causing all this mess. I’m sorry for allowing emotions to cloud my brain to act in this very silly way.

“Finally, I want to reiterate that my action is outrageous, condemnable, untenable, unethical, nonsensical, and unbecoming and deserves every reproach and reprimand.”

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