Artist Alexsandro Palombo Criticizes Cardi B For Using Seductive Marge Simpson “Appropriated” Image

Artist Alexsandro Palombo Criticizes Cardi B For Using Seductive Marge Simpson "Appropriated" Image

Rapper Cardi B uploaded a Halloween photo on Instagram in which she reimagined pop artist Alexsandro Palombo‘s iconic bottom-baring Marge Simpson Style Icon drawing, prompting Palombo to accuse Cardi B of “debasing” his work.

An Italian artist has criticized Cardi B for remaking one of his paintings without his consent, in which Marge Simpson is wearing a Thierry Mugler dress with a bottom-baring cutout.

After the rapper reproduced his 2013 piece, Marge Simpson Style Icon, in a Halloween Instagram photo shared with her 144 million followers, pop artist Alexsandro Palombo declared he will take legal action.

Despite using his original photograph in her post, Cardi B, whose real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, neglected to give him credit for his work.

Her photographer and artistic director also published the photos, but they omitted to name the artist while giving credit to a large number of other contributors.

Cardi B posted a picture of herself dressed up as Marge, facing the camera to display her cut-out bottom, just like in Palombo’s original artwork.

She also posted a photograph of herself looking at the camera from the front and a picture of a model wearing the original 1995 Mugler outfit on the runway.

“Cardi B and her partners have appropriated my artwork without my permission, degrading its original meaning and merely to boost their image with an obvious commercial motive,” said Palombo. “This route of social consciousness that has always characterized my works has nothing to do with that.”

“Dear Mrs. Cardi B, based on your argument, shall everyone download your music illegally?” he continued.

“Cardi B has illegally appropriated the work of Alexsandro Palombo for mere business interests in defiance of the most basic regulations on copyright and Instagram standards, with the accompanying substantial dangers, both of recompense and of dishonor for her public image,” his attorney Claudio Volpi continued.

It is understood that the lawsuit has not yet been filed.

The artist responded to Cardi B’s post on social media in a post that was shared on October 31 and later updated on November 26 as follows: “We sent a letter to Mrs. Cardi B and her associates explaining why they failed to request our permission to use the artwork and violated Meta’s policy on intellectual property rights by failing to identify or credit the artist. Still no response.

“Cardi B and her associates inappropriately appropriated my artwork, distorting its original meaning and doing so merely to enhance their image for blatantly commercial reasons that have nothing to do with the road of social consciousness that has always been a hallmark of my works.

“Ordinary individuals are permitted to utilize the photos of my artwork for their own non-profit endeavors. Stop stealing from artists, everyone else.”

The original artwork was produced by Palombo as a part of his Marge Simpson Style Icon series, which turned Marge Simpson from a mother and helpless housewife into a fashion icon while considering women’s emancipation and gender equality.

Marge also portrayed Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch wearing a billowing white dress, Madonna wearing a corset by Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Vogue UK initially launched the series in 2013.

The MAD Museum of Decorative Arts of the Louvre in Paris is now featuring Palombo’s 2019 Just Because I’m A Woman collection, which depicts well-known political women including Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Angela Merkel as victims of gender abuse.

Cardi B’s record company, Atlantic Records, has been approached for comment.

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