Another Virus To Hit The World Very Soon – Nigel Gaisie

Another Virus To Hit The World Very Soon – Nigel Gaisie

As the world is picking up pieces following the serious crisis by the deadly coronavirus aka COVID-19 which brought the whole world to a standstill Prophet Nigel Gaisie has hinted of another virus.

The leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel Prophet Nigel Gaisie in a post on his social media handle revealed that the world should brace itself for another virus.

According to the Prophet, this was revealed to him in his sleep by God who took his spirit back and showed him what happened to Africa in the past and what the world should expect in the coming years.

As usual of him, he called on Christians to pray fervently since that is the only thing that prevents that from happening.

Read his full post below:


  • A new virus panic to hit parts of the world just when the world is easing up from COVID.
  • Drinking water and water bodies polluted causing scarcity of water not only in Africa but parts of Europe.
    The Lord took my spirit into time, and in my vision, I saw prophecies of 31st December 2019 come to pass one after the other.
    Lands, water bodies went dry,companies fold up, scarcity of food,commodities and a large crowd on the street of umofia angry and protesting.
    The Lord took me to the land of Philippines and I saw a storm and heavy rain take away lives and properties.
    I saw the world cry, I saw umofia in darkness and crying.
    Umufia will go into HIPC,AGAINin the next few years.
    Let’s pray for the Matriarch!
    Let’s pray for South Africa.
    Let’s pray for Guinea ??
    Let the world pray and people fasten their seatbelts,hard times are ahead but its for a season
    Let’s Pray More For The Security Services.
    A big Servant Of God ,Needs Prayers.Heaven awaits him.
    Majoy actors in Aso Rock will not continue their relevance,I saw an end to their rule.
    Liberia,I didn’t see a break,I saw a continuity.
    I saw majority becoming,minority.
    A woman will lead the world within the spirit and space of twelve years.
    Sirrea Leone ,Freetown….I saw a massive cry in Bo”the land is crying fir change but those needed for the change are not choosing the right leader,unity unity unity.
    Let’s check the Kitampo road again,let’s check it.
    Says the Lord,there is a massive revival coming into the church.
    The month of May And June….Let anybody believing God for the fruit of the womb,do their best…God will HONOR THEM*There is a wind about to blow in that regards.
    I saw a bus full of school kids,the end was lots of cry.
    Let the BIG HOUSE in Umuafia,Pray for their head.
    A female musician ,this Easter your soul is crying but we are praying to avert it.
    A regime is coming soon in Ghana,where most Ghanaians will be farmers.Agriculture will be the pride of the nation.
    survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest but the grace of God will help and cushion us to endure to the END.”

See the screenshot of his post below:

Another Virus To Hit The World Very Soon – Nigel Gaisie

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