An Investor Demanded Sexual Favors In Exchange Of Supporting My Career - Feli Nuna

An Investor Demanded Sexual Favors In Exchange Of Supporting My Career – Feli Nuna

Feli Nuna, an Afropop artist, has revealed that an investor who promised to financially support her music wanted to have sex with her in exchange for his sponsorship.

The “Towel” singer revealed in an interview with Hitz FM on July 4 that the said rich man told her that he would only help her realize her dream if she agreed to have frequent sex with him.

However, she informed the host that she had declined the offer.

“I had someone who told me he wants to be my godfather because he will be working with me closely, but he has to sleep with me. He said it was to break the barrier and familiarize with me, so we have to do the work.”

Feli Nuna clashed with social commentator Kwame A-Plus on United Showbiz about the same issue a few weeks ago.

A Plus had questioned Feli’s boyfriend’s role in her music career, claiming that if he is unwilling to invest in her, she should not expect anyone else to.

“You have a boyfriend who does invest in your career but you want someone else to invest in you but if they say they are interested in you, you have a problem with that?”

Feli Nuna was irritated by his remark and responded that his boyfriend is not an investor.

“My boyfriend is a proud Poet and a Research Scientist. He is not an investor even though he sponsored one of my music videos. He has sense more than you (A Plus). He supports me as his woman. He is not into the music business, my job as a musician has nothing to do with him. When I go to an investor or go to a label, it is me as Feli Nuna that is going and I am going as a professional musician. I am not going for you to come and have a personal interest in me or sleep with me before you help me or work with me.”

Feli Nuna, born Felicia Nuna Akosua Tawiah, is a songwriter, director, and producer. She signed her first record deal with Lynx Entertainment in 2012 as ‘Felly,’ and released her first official single, ‘Ghana Girl Swag,’ before disappearing for personal reasons and resurfacing in 2015 under Beehyve Entertainment. She also released “I like am” through Lynx Entertainment.

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