Actress Nicki Aycox From Supernatural Passes Away At Age 47

Actress Nicki Aycox From Supernatural Passes Away At Age 47

In Supernatural, Nicki Aycox portrayed the original Meg Masters. Erik Kripke, the show’s creator, paid homage to the actress and said she delivered her lines “like honey and venom.”

Actress Nicki Aycox from Supernatural passed away at the age of 47.

Susan Raab Ceklosky, her sister-in-law, posted on Facebook to confirm her passing.

She wrote: “My sister-in-law Nicki Aycox Raab passed away yesterday with my brother Matt Raab by her side. She was gorgeous, clever, fierce, extremely talented, and loving.

“Matt and Nicki lived a beautiful life in California. She was undoubtedly a fighter, and she was adored by everyone.

Aycox’s sister-in-law also shared a number of images of her, including ones of her with her two sons and spouse as well as early professional acting pictures.

In 2020, Aycox received a leukemia diagnosis; since then, she has endured chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation.

The actress published photographs and videos of her treatments as well as her enjoyment of hiking and yoga on Instagram, where she also chronicled her battle with cancer.

Do not attempt to sing 80s music after receiving large doses of chemotherapy, she said in her last Instagram post, which was a brief video of her performing the Whitesnake hit Here I Go Again.

Aycox played Meg Masters from 2006 to 2008 on Supernatural, where she is best remembered for the part.

She was remembered on Twitter by Erik Kripke, the creator of the dark fantasy drama, who wrote: “Gutted to hear the brilliant Nicki Aycox, our first Meg Masters, passed away. too little.

She was delightful and delivered lines with both sweetness and poison. I’m in awe of how she elevated a common word like “lacklustre” to legendary status.

The show’s Bobby Singer, played by actor Jim Beaver, added: “With Nicki, I watched my first Supernatural episode. She was a wonderful coworker and a fantastic actor. I’m devastated to learn of her passing. Good night, dear friend.”

Aycox, who was raised in Hennessey, Oklahoma, loved to sing and play the piano as a young child.

Early TV roles included ones in Providence, Boy Meets World, Ally McBeal, 3rd Rock From The Sun, and The X Files.

In the movies, there was a crazed cheerleader in Jeepers Creepers 2 and a woman attempting to extort the affluent advertising executive played by Bruce Willis in Perfect Stranger.

Law & Order, Dark Angel, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The Twilight Zone, LAX, Criminal Minds, and CSI: Miami were among the other shows in which she made an appearance.

In the TV movie Dead on Campus 2014, she played career counselor Danielle Williams in her final acting role.

Five of Aycox’s original songs were included in her debut EP, Red Velvet Room, which was released in 2015.

Her two sons and husband, Matt Raab, are left behind.

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