Abena Korkor Explains Why She Leaked Her Naked Video

Abena Korkor Explains Why She Leaked Her Naked Video
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Abena Korkor, a mental health advocate, has finally explained why she leaked her naked videos and photos online.

In an interview with Mona Gucci on Onua TV, the controversial media personality revealed that she was having a manic episode, which caused her to leak the videos.

Abena Korkor revealed that she took those photos with a professional photographer in order to sell them online and make money.

According to Korkor, she intended to make millions from her nude photos, but the incident she experienced derailed her plans.

“It was an episode, and the photos I took with a professional photographer were to be sold on another platform.”
That was supposed to make me millions of dollars, but I leaked it because I was having an episode,” Abena Korkor explains.

It should be noted that Abena Korkor purposefully posted naked photos and videos of herself on the internet.

After the pictures went viral, she received a massive backlash, with some netizens even calling for her arrest.