A Plus Suspects Foul Play In Man Allegedly Murdered By Zoo Lion In Achimota Forest

A Plus Suspects Foul Play In Man Allegedly Murdered By Zoo Lion In Achimota Forest

According to reports, a man was allegedly murdered in the Achimota Forest by the lions at the Achimota Zoo. According to reports, the man was discovered dead in the lions’ enclosure at the zoo situated in a forest.

One of the lions is believed to have attacked and killed the man after he allegedly broke into the animals’ enclosure. After suffering injuries as a result of the purported attack.

Kwame A Plus, however, said he doesn’t accept the claim that the middle-aged guy was killed by lions at the Accra Zoo.

The controversial Ghanaian political figure claims that the discovery of the man’s remains at the zoo does not prove that the lions were responsible for his death. “Leave it up to the cops to look into it and report back. What if they killed him and dumped him in there? Examined by A Plus.

“I find it difficult to understand how Gyata had food and left it to go and wait for another food from its keeper. Please, there must be some proper investigation into this matter,” he added in n a Facebook post shared on August 29, 2022.

He continued that “you cannot conclude that because a deceased person was found in a lion’s cage, he/she was killed by a lion. That is extremely pedestrian; finding a dead body afloat doesn’t always mean the victim drowned”.

A Plus emphasized the need for a thorough investigation, saying “there must be an autopsy to determine if there is water in the lungs to prove whether the victim was breathing (alive) at the time he/she was in the water or died before he/she was thrown in the water to conceal evidence, etc. Same must be applied in this very case.” Let the cops look into it.

While authorities of the Accra Zoo were conducting a routine patrol, they spotted a middle-aged guy (an intruder) had breached the security gates and entered the lions’ enclosure of the Zoo. This was said in a statement by the CEO of the Forestry Commission, John Allotey. The intruder’s motivation is yet unknown. Within the inner fencing of the cage, one of the lions attacked and hurt the invader.

“The intruder has been confirmed dead from injuries sustained, and the body has been conveyed to the morgue.” He also noted that all the lions are in good condition.

“Forestry Commission wishes to assure the general public that no lion has escaped from the Accra Zoo,” he added.

In anticipation of the findings of inquiries into the circumstances surrounding the discovery of the middle-aged man dead in the lion’s cage, the Accra Zoo, which is situated within the Achimota Forest, has been closed to the general public.

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