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A KIDI Maniac Breaks Into His Home To Proposal Love

A KIDI maniac breaks into his home to proposal love yo him. The member of Lynx Entertainment, has told the tale of a female fan who came to his home and proposed to him.

The musician, who was a guest on Ladies Circle, reminisced about a time when he was sitting at home when he heard a tap on the door. When he went to investigate, he discovered this unusual woman.

She then began conversing with him, grinning at him, and introducing herself as a student at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), who had traveled a long distance to visit him.

KIDI claims the woman informed him that she had been keeping tabs on him for some time, which is how she came to know where he was staying and decide to surprise him.

She then presented him with a cap along with a handwritten love letter as a gift.

Watch KIDI discuss the situation in the video below:

The Touch It hitmaker went on to say that he was surprised the lady was able to get past his security and even invited her in for a conversation, but he turned her down.

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