7th Black Star International Film Festival Launched

7th Black Star International Film Festival Launched

The Black Star International Film Festival, committed to the growth of the film industry, independent filmmaking, and film artists in Ghana, Africa, and the world, today announced the beginning of the 7th edition of the Black Star International Film Festival (BSIFF).
Accra, Ghana will host the Black Star International Film Festival from September 20–25, 2022.

The goal of this year’s BSIFF is to inspire the next generation of young filmmakers and artists, whose passion and interest for the creative arts grows daily, to keep telling their stories, educate themselves, and acquire the necessary skills, new knowledge, and experiences that shape their passions and push the quality of their crafts. The theme of this year’s BSIFF is “Inspiring the Business of Film in Africa.”

The cinema and audio-visual industries’ business and economic potential is still substantially unrealized throughout most of Africa, and the sector is still systemically underfunded, underdeveloped, and devalued. Out of a potential $20 billion in annual earnings, the Pan African Federation of Filmmakers (FEPACI) estimates that the business brings in $5 billion annually (UNESCO Report, 2021).

Bridging gap

The Black Star International Film Festival aims to bring together industry professionals from France, Sudan, Kenya, Ghana, USA, Uganda, and ten other countries, as well as film students, distributors, and media partners, as well as the creative community, to have pertinent industry conversations, inspire, and develop strategies for a thriving African film industry.

“BSIFF in its 7th year, is proud to be the pacesetter, championing the business of film and using our platform to inspire and change narratives, celebrate independent filmmaking and film artists, educate and provide skill training for aspiring filmmakers, and offer distribution opportunities to several filmmakers in Ghana, Africa, and globally,” said Philippa Ama Bentuma Arthur, the festival’s director. From September 20 to 25, we’re celebrating film, independent filmmaking, and creative artists. We encourage Ghana, Africa, the Diaspora, and the international film and creative arts community to join us.

Shorts on Shots (A Film Networking Party), the launch of the Africa Film Market, after-parties, the BlackStar Music Concert (BMC) in partnership with the Black Market Records (BMR) in the United States, a cultural trip, the Blackstar Awards & Closing Night, and film screenings in partnership with the Silverbird Cinema are just a few of the events planned for this year’s Black Star International Film Festival.

The Festival has also started a push for BSIFF Members, popularly known as “Black Stars,” who gain access to all 45 films at Silverbird Cinemas and free admission to all scheduled events. A yearly subscription to a membership costs GHC 100.

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