3Music Boss, Baba Sadiq Ostracizes King Promise From His Tv Station

3Music Boss, Baba Sadiq Ostracizes King Promise From His Tv Station

CEO of 3 Media Network, Abdulai Sadiq Abu has announced that his TV station has permanently blacklisted Legacy Life Entertainment signee, King Promise.

He said that he will no longer put King Promise on any show he’s in charge of from now on and also he has ordered that none of his videos will be given an airplay on his Tv station.

According to Sadiq, he has decided to do this because of the constant abuse he has suffered from the artist and his management team even though he has always been supportive to them in the industry

Baba Sadiq’s actions follows a recent revelation he made about how King Promise and his team disappointed them big time by failing to make an appearance at the Wildland Festival despite the agreement they had.

However, he mentioned that, if the board of 3 Music Awards decide to nominate him, he will not have any issue because that is their carte blanche.

I sent a message to him and Killbeats through Ike Otoo Arhin and Erasmus that. The day he will tweet some of the nonsense he tweets about non-support and bla bla. That day, i will move from radio Station to radio station, tweet to tweet, Tv to Tv to indicate why he doesn’t have the moral rights to even talk about that…He is the only person that continues to get enablement but doesn’t enable anybody back. For starters, my channel di3 all his videos are off. There is nothing i am invilved in, whether directly or remotely that i will involve him. Maybe the awards board ccan choose to have him. It’s their power but personally, i am off any King Promise agenda. Ike and Erasmus can all bear witness to what they did to me in times past and in recent times. I dey my corner these days.

Sadiq said in a post.