2022: Self-Proclaimed Millionaire, Ibrah One, Allegedly Runs Mad

Self-Proclaimed Millionaire, Ibrah One, Allegedly Runs Mad

A viral video records the moment self-proclaimed Ghanaian millionaire Ibrahim Dauda, also known as Ibrah One, was supposed to have gone insane on the street.

In the video, the individual who resembled Ibrah One was shown wearing only a singlet and a pair of shorts, appearing filthy and acting strangely even after being approached by several worried pals.

Although there haven’t been any detailed reports about the supposed event, videos circulating on social media have sparked anxiety, with many believing the controversial social media figure has actually lost his mind.

In another video, Ibrah can be seen laying on the pavement alongside a busy traffic.
We have yet to investigate the situation to determine the root of his problems, that is, if he is indeed mentally unbalanced, as the video suggests, or whether the person shown in the viral video is Ibrah One.

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