10 Ingenious Ways To Tell Her You Want Sex

10 Ingenious Ways To Tell Her You Want Sex

Men and women perceive sex differently, as we have always known. While women rarely have anything called a quickie, men may find it to be something to look forward to.

For women, the entire act of making love, with its emotional bonding and prolonged foreplay, is more important than the climax. So, if you’re in the mood for sex, don’t just jump into bed with her because it might turn her off. You can tell her you’re looking for some intimate action in a variety of ways. Use your imagination; she’ll appreciate it.

How To Tell A Woman You Want To Have Sex

Stop thinking in that way. You can’t be blatant or forward about it. You must not be openly horny or demanding. It can’t just be about the intercourse. As I’ve said before, sex occurs between two ears rather than two legs for a woman. You must learn how to woo your woman if you want to get laid. If she detects romance in your approach, you will undoubtedly receive it tonight. But be careful not to offend her. That could imply a week on the couch. So try to be both charming and persuasive. Pay attention to her cues. Women have a way of communicating what they want, and if you pay attention, you will know exactly what they want.

  • Smile

A smile has tremendous power. Have you ever smiled at your woman for no apparent reason?
Try it out. Greet her with one of your teasing smiles every time she looks at you. She’ll soon realize it’s a sign of your undying love for her.

  • Hold hands

Take her hand in yours. Not only when you are alone, but also when you are in public. Hold her hand for so long that she begins to miss it when you are not present, and she begins to crave your touch. This is an excellent way to express your desire to be intimate with a woman.

  • Admire the beauty

It is not always necessary to say it aloud. Simply look at her and let your eyes do the rest. In a crowd or at a party, keep your gaze fixed on her. She may become self-conscious, even embarrassed, at times, but that tiny smile is your reward. You already know what happens next.

  • Compliment her

You don’t have to be a poet or a painter to compliment your wife. Just focus on the specifics. Don’t just say, “You look beautiful,” but also mention the design of her gown, the color of her lipstick, and the style of her earrings. If you pay close attention, she will begin to respond in kind.

  • Give her flowers

Give her flowers for no apparent reason. The aromatic presence of flowers will set a romantic tone. Put a flower on her breakfast tray or in her hair as she gets ready for a party. Place petals on the bed for the night: She will undoubtedly interpret the signs. She’d appreciate your way of expressing your desire for a romantic time with her on that flowery bed.

  • Give her lingerie

This is the most seductive way to tell a woman you want to sleep with her. Choose flimsy little lingerie for your woman that complements her style. Then go to your woman and say, “I only want to see you in this.” And if she walks in wearing it and your jaw drops, don’t be shy about telling her how you feel.

  • Invent role-play

Tell her about your fantasies and how you want the story to unfold. Then give her command. She will only know whether you want to be dominated or served if you tell her. Keep it interesting and entertaining for her: it will be extremely beneficial to you.

  • Use sticky notes

Assume she gets home from work and opens the cabinet to find a sticky note that says, ‘I want you,’ or one on the bathroom mirror that says, ‘I want to see you naked.’ Using office supplies to woo your woman can actually help you get the ‘work’ done. This is the most creative way to express your desire for her in every way.

  • Cook dinner

Start by making dinner if you want to be the dessert. Make something simple but aromatic to entice her to the dinner table before luring her to bed. Cook something creamy or saucy that you can even eat off of each other.

  • Surprise her

When was the last time you planned something nice for her? A candlelit dinner at the beach or a weekend getaway: Make plans to show her a good time. Maintain constant proximity to her; make her feel loved and cared for. Sometimes good things require a little more effort, but it is always worthwhile. Everything you do to make her happy will make you happy because your happiness is based on seeing her smile.
You find her irresistible: once you figure out how to communicate that to your woman, you don’t even need to ask for sex.